Thursday, February 10, 2011

Surf's Up!

Celfones are no longer just for calls.  The idea of voice-only mobile phones died out back in the early 90's. Today's mobile devices are officially called communicators.  Voice functions are slowly being replaced by data services all together.

How does this affect us as end-users?  Simple.  A while back, we would pay for each service... voice, text, fax (the tech weed that doesn't want to die), MMS, and data.  Now, devices have become so powerful, that all these services can pass through internet channels, thus can be handled by just the data services all together.  This can lower your monthly bill if unlimited data services can be maximized.

Here in the Philippines, unlimited data plans still have low penetration in the mobile market, but they are picking up and becoming way more affordable.  And I would highly recommend to anyone on an Android, Blackberry, or iPhone to subscribe to one of the many mobile data plans available from your provider.

Sun Cellular has the cheapest unlimited data plan at P799 (approx US$16)
Smart and Globe offer unlimited data at P999 (approx US$20) *Globe just recently lowered their SuperSurf, down from P1200

How much is unlimited data in your country?

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