Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Android App of the Day: My Tracks

Are you one of the many people into running?  You've got an Android phone with GPS.  How do you make use of it?  My Tracks offers a very easy to use way of tracking and measuring your progress.

Fairly simple to use, My Tracks shows your movement on Google Maps, and provides performance stats.  Aside from recording your tracks, My Tracks allows you to upload your routes to Google Maps for saving or sharing.

Like any GPS product, line-of-sight to satellites is needed and accuracy may be compromised if under heavy foliage or cloud cover.  But so far, I haven't had any accuracy issues with my X10 Mini Pro.

Yesterday, I posted a review on the Mio Motiva heart rate monitor.  And its a great simple watch to have for simply keeping track of your heart rate without the addition of a chest strap.  But what if you want more?

Well, a particular feature of My Tracks, and an upcoming feature for the Sony Ericsson Xperia line of Android phones is ANT+ support.  This will allow a wide range of health and fitness sensors to work with My Tracks and display their data right on your phone without the need of an additional receiver.

AFAIK, My Tracks does not compute for calories burned, which I think would be a great addition specially when combined with an ANT+ sensor.  I hope they add a calorie counter in a future update.  For now, My Tracks is a great little app that performs very well.

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