Friday, March 30, 2012

A Little Friday Tech Humor : Handsfree

This photo was circulating the net a while back, and was always captioned as a joke about "handsfree" mobile phone use.

I NEVER thought someone would actually take it seriously... let alone to a whole new level...

I mean how can you NOT want one?!?!? I love the main "selling point" in the end... 


Friday, March 23, 2012

iPad 2 Prices Officially Drop (Philippines)

Good news to those thinking of getting an iPad! Apple Store PH has officially dropped the iPad 2 prices to coincide with Apple's Official price drop! This also means that preloved iPads should be a lot cheaper as well.

Prices start at
P18,990 for a brand new 16GB iPad 2!

P24,990 for the 16GB 3G model!

Head on over to Apple Store PH now!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Can't Touch This... Coming Soon - Sony Xperia sola

Touchscreen? That's so last century! Well, almost. Seeing as how touchscreens are now almost standard, and developers are trying to make bets on the next big interface it's only natural to start seeing new ways to interact with your mobile device.

Apple has brought voice command into the spotlight with Siri.

Others are trying for motion based controls.

Sony Ericsson Mobile has introduced a new twist on the touchscreen called "floating touch" (Such a catchy name) in their new Xperia sola.

Adding to the regular gestures of touch screen technology, floating touch introduces a "hover" mode. Much like moving the mouse around before clicking, it allows you to see exactly which link/button/key you're about to press before actually pressing it. Touch is still required to register a click/tap.

Coming soon!

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