Monday, February 14, 2011

Be Still My Beating Heart

In keeping with the whole Valentine festivities, today's tech gospel is on health and fitness.  Don't know about most of you, but I really slacked off the gym last year.  And this year, I'm paying for it.  Before things get out of control, I started my exercise routine at the beginning of the year.

Heart rate monitors aren't really new.  Polar has been making them for some time now.  But some people may not be fond of wearing the chest strap.

One of the cool simple gadgets I found are Mio Watches.  The one I'm using is the Motiva.  It's main features are it's heart rate monitor, and Mio's patented calorie management system.

This is a great little watch since it combines two essential factors in weight management and exercise.

The heart rate monitor is ECG accurate +/- 1bpm compared to a Life Fitness treadmill.  Just touch the two front face buttons with your fingers and in a few seconds, it shows your heart rate.  You can also set your maximum heart rate and calorie intake so the watch will tell you if you're approaching your limit.


  1. how does it know how many calories you've taken in?

    I use a garmin gps watch when I run and it comes with a heart rate monitor. Really useful to know when I can push myself some more.

  2. Hey B, thanks for reading :)

    you have to manually input the calories you eat. But it helps keep track of it, and calculates calories burned vs calories eaten. Like any exercies device, its only as effective as the user is honest. Hehehe


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