Friday, February 25, 2011

B(OO!!!) M W

In a surprise dud... BMW has announced that their upcoming flagship, the i8 (AKA, the Vision) is not going to be running the ultra efficient Diesel engine that the current incarnation runs.  Instead, they will downgra... er... replace it with a gasoline engine in order to continue our dependency on petrol.

Apparently, a "Vision" was all it really was.  If I wanted yesterday's "green" tech, I would've been aspiring for the Pri-yuck.

The current i8 prototype can run 700km (434 mi) on 24L (6 gal) of Diesel.

Not to mention the potential for Bio-Diesel and other equivalents to replace current crude.

According to BMW head of R&D, Klaus Draeger, "We want to sell all over the world. Diesel is only really relevant to Europe."...   Yes, because there are no BMW Diesels being sold anywhere else in the world...

I hope their next announcement isn't going to be that the upcoming electric i3 will be just a regular microcar instead since "electricity might not be available in other parts of the world."

Sigh... such a disappointment.

**March 2, 2011 - This comes at such a perfect time too, now that gas prices are soaring higher than ever before.**

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