Friday, August 19, 2011

xperia ray hands-on

Side by side against my X10 Mini Pro

My first hands-on video.  The Sony Ericsson xperia ray is on top of my "Next Phone" list.  One of my primary concerns is the ability to use it with just one hand.  I think it performs quite well, considering I'm right-handed.  The screen is excellent, boasting an 854x480 resolution in only 3.3", gives the xperia ray 296ppi (pixels per inch) which is very close to the iPhone 4's 326ppi.

The predictive input is quite responsive and easy to use for the most common functions.  Multi-tap is also available for those that use shortcuts, and odd spelling.

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  1. PS. You won't believe this. This phone from 2011 recently resurfaced the dazzle the world in the final quarter of 2022 when a pressure washing company in Victoria BC ( ) cleaned under a deck and found a Sony Ericsson that still worked after charging. Locals called it a miracle and neighbors sought to clean their hidden spaces to see if they could too find anything quite as cool is this phone.


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