Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Are You Turned On Yet?

So you've got the latest Android or iPhone.  Are you still fumbling around looking for an open wifi to leech from?  Are you limiting your phones potential to just stationary hotspots?  Since the introduction of the iPhone, smartphones have been gaining popularity.  Similar to the "Starbucks Effect", Apple has made mobile computing accessible to the average consumer.  Now, let's unleash the full potential of your smartphone by keeping it online!

Most people (Including myself) have had horror stories of stratospheric data charges just by leaving the mobile data feature on our phones on.  I've since then, switched to an unlimited data package which has been such a sanity saver when stuck in traffic.  But to most people, an unlimited data package isn't cost effective, or even necessary.

So where does that leave the average consumer?  Someone who just wants to check their email every now and then.  Maybe check on movie schedules once a week.  Or check the traffic situation after work?  Enter the tiered data packages.

I can't speak for the other carriers (I'm hoping some of my readers will chime in with their respective carrier's offers) except for the 2 major ones in the Philippines: Globe Telecom, and Smart Communications.

Globe has new data plans called PowerSurf and SuperSurf.  Plans are as follows:

Limited Data (per KB)

Powersurf 99
-Php 99 / 30 days / 50MB

Powersurf 299
-Php 299 / 30 days / 300MB

Powersurf 499
-Php 499 / 30 days / 1GB

Unlimited Data:

SuperSurf 50
-Php 50 / 1 day

SuperSurf 220
-Php 220 / 5 days

**Beyond this, Globe's Unlimited SuperSurf at Php999 / 30 days takes over**

Smart Bro plans are as follows:

Always On 20
- Php 20 / 1 day / 25MB

Always On 30
-Php 30 / 1 day / 50MB

Always On 200
-Php 200 / 15 days / 180MB

Always On 300
-Php 300 / 30 days / 250MB

Always On 500
-Php 500 / 30 days / 500MB

Always On 750
-Php 750 / 30 days / 1GB

Always On 995
-Php 995 / 30 days / 2GB

Smart's Unlimited Data Plans

UnliSurf 50
-Php 50 / 1 day

UnliSurf 100
-Php 100 / 2 days

UnliSurf 500
-Php 500 / 5 days

**Smart also has an unlimited plan at Php999, which makes me wonder why they have a Php995 limited plan as well.**

Even though I'm on unlimited data, I still log my data usage using Call Meter NG.  And I average about over 500MB/month on my phone.  This is inclusive of all the downloads and tethering I do.  I'm definitely one of the heavier users.  If I did not tether my laptop, and didn't upload photos and video through my phone, I would probably average about 100MB/month.

Both offer unlimited data for Php999 / 30 days

The nice thing is that now data services are more affordable.  An example of how to use these new plans are:

If you're a heavy user and tether your laptop, tablet, and other devices to your phone a lot, get the unlimited plan.

If you're a light user, and just need push email sent to your phone, but don't really download or upload email attachements, get a cheap 30-day limited data plan. Either Globe's PowerSurf99 / PowerSurf300 or Smart's Always On 300

If you're a heavy user, but only need mobile internet less than 8 days a month, get an unlimited/day use.

If you're an extremely light user, and only need to use the internet less than 3 days a month, get Smart's Php20/25MB/day

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