Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fresh Out Of The Oven: Gingerbread 2.3.4 for xperia line

Sony Ericsson has just announced the latest Android update for all their 2011 xperia models.  (Sorry X10 family, no more updates for you.) As I patiently wait the arrival of the xperia ray (which I've heard may come sooner than initially planned... yay!) Sony Ericsson has been busy trying to concentrate on their Android line and reestablish their presence in the smartphone market.  Along with this great update, comes news of a new handset as well, the xperia neo v

Some of the new features to look out for with the new Gingerbread update:

Android 2.3.4 version. And we are happy to tell you that today we announced that the 2.3.4 version of Gingerbread platform for all the 2011 Xperia™ Smartphones will start the roll out during October at select markets.

Some of the features you will get from this update are:

  • Google Talk with Video Chat for smartphones with front-facing cameras
  • Updated Facebook inside Xperia™ functionality for enhanced like, share and discover abilities. We have talked about Facebook inside Xperia™ on previous posts.
  • Xperia™ smartphones introducing world’s first 3D sweep panorama functionality powered by Sony.
  • The software upgrade will enable consumers to turn their Xperia™ smartphone into a mini-mobile PC by connecting USB peripherals (mouse, keyboard or game controller) to Sony Ericsson LiveDock™ multimedia station. Connect the smartphone to a TV via HDMI to get a big screen experience.
  • Swipe text input – text input by swiping the finger from one letter to the next
  • Screen capture – allows the user to share a screen grab from anywhere in the phone
This is a good move from Sony Ericsson, who always had problems with slow software updates which severely crippled their hardware.


  1. October? well, SE have a habit of being out of date. CM7 for the X10, is already based from 2.3.5, and 2.3.4 will just be hitting the new phones starting October? SE is making me laugh. Now, I'm having second thoughts if I will be getting the new phones (Neo, Mini Pro, Ray).

  2. Ya, but aren't all the 2.3.5 ROMs still unofficial mods?

  3. of course they are unofficial. but Google already released the 2.3.5 code, and DEVS are already making ROMS based on that build.
    I thought SE will try to keep up with the latest android builds? by October, or very soon after October, there will be definitely a new android build. If gingerbread is still the latest android (mobile) OS by that time.

  4. got bad news for SE here. samsung apparently will release a new phone by October, which will run on Ice Cream Sandwich (android 4.0):

    2.3.4 will roll out October they say? :)

  5. I'm surprised the first 4.0 won't be a Motorola...


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