Saturday, April 9, 2011

Update: Rumored Xperia Mini Pro Successor

I can't wait for the upgrade of my Mini Pro.  I was a bit apprehensive at first, since the initial rumors claimed a 3" screen, putting this closer to the larger X8 than the Mini/Mini Pro.  But looking closely at the photo, it seems to be somewhere in between.  The screen bezel seems to be thinner, and given a rumored 3" screen puts the dimensions just slightly larger than the current X10 Mini Pro, albeit with a much higher pixel density.

A newer rumor surfaced recently claiming a 3.3" display, which makes this NOT a Mini in any way.  Putting the dimensions larger than the iPhone and Xperia X8 (which are my standards for a normal sized phones)

I sure hope the upcoming Mini Pro is smaller than the X8.  Otherwise I'll be pressed to look elsewhere for my next phone.  Although there is a rumored Mini iPhone, I don't think I'll hold my breath for that since that really wouldn't be in line with Apple's market strategy.

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