Saturday, April 23, 2011

Site Of The Day: Down For Everyone Or Just Me?

Ever try to visit your favorite site and find that it's down?  Did the connection time out?  Is your Internet provider down?  Is your favorite website down?  Usually if you can visit Google, Microsoft, Apple or any big website, that means your internet connection is ok.

But the Internet is quite complex.  Just because other websites are up, doesn't mean all of them are.  Even more complicated, just because you can't view a website, that doesn't mean it's down.

Sometimes, under certain circumstances, a website that everyone else can view can be down with just you. Or vice versa.  A site that you can view, might be unavailable to others.  So, how can you tell?  Well, there's a simple website that you can visit to check it out. does just that (shortcut link is  It checks the URL of the site you suspect is down, and tries to visit it and tells you if the site is really down or not.

*Now, if you can't connect to their site... well... I have no response to that... hahahahaha!

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