Saturday, April 16, 2011

LTE in the Philippines

Blogger Jim Ayson has posted news on Smart Telecom's new "4G" LTE service being demoed now.  Boasting theoretical speeds of 50mpbs, I'm hoping their interlink is fast enough to handle the traffic.  Otherwise it'll just be the same old "really-fast-local-loop" crap we have now.

Considering that my HSPA connection does give me a 2-3mbps local-loop speed... but less than 1mbps internet speed... Would that mean that 50mpbs will still just give us the same internet speed anyway?  Time will tell... let's hope the local infrastructure can handle the additional bandwidth that they will be offering.

But the local telco scene is getting exciting again!  Let's see what surprises lie ahead as well... ;)  Cough...cough...

*Just a side-note... LTE and WiMax are NOT 4G yet, despite marketing claims to be 4G.  4G standards dictate speeds of up to 1Gbps.  Not the current 100Mbps incarnations of pre-4G tech.

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