Monday, April 4, 2011

Thunderbolt Enclosure Coming Soon... Promise!

Promise Technology has announced an upcoming Thunderbolt RAID enclosure, called Pegasus. This is great news for new MacBook Pro users (like moi) with the new TB port. Exceeding SATA speeds, this will give laptops the high end performance that only desktops had in the past. Video editing and audio recording on a laptop can now almost match the power and speed of their desktop counterparts.

Although the speed limit will be the SATA drives themselves, and even SSD drives aren't fast enough to max out a single Thunderbolt port, this will allow parallel tasks to be run.  Saving files while streaming uncompressed media to and from the drive(s).

Even RAID enclosures don't come close to TB's limit, this offloads a lot of the processing, high-end application stress, and file serving to an external box, theoretically giving mobile systems a modular approach.  Similar to the laptop docks of the 80's and 90's, the Thunderbolt port will allow high performance storage and displays to be conveniently connected to a mobile system and access files faster than the laptop's own internal drive.

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