Friday, May 20, 2011

The Zombies Are Coming....

Are you prepared for the Apocalypse?  The CDC has posted a blog entry about zombie preparedness.

Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse

Remember these 33 rules as well:

  1. Cardio
  2. The Double Tap
  3. Beware of Bathrooms
  4. Wear Seat Belts
  5. No Attachments
  6. The “Skillet”
  7. Travel Light
  8. Get a Kick Ass Partner
  9. With your Bare Hands
  10. Don’t Swing Low
  11. Use Your Foot
  12. Bounty Paper Towels
  13. Shake it Off
  14. Always carry a change of underwear
  15. Bowling Ball
  16. Opportunity Knocks
  17. Don’t be a hero (later crossed out to be a hero)
  18. Limber Up
  19. Break it Up
  20. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, unless it’s a sprint, then sprint
  21. Avoid Strip Clubs
  22. When in doubt Know your way out
  23. Zipplock
  24. Use your thumbs
  25. Shoot First
  26. A little sun screen never hurt anybody
  27. Incoming!
  28. Double-Knot your Shoes
  29. The Buddy System
  30. Pack your stain stick
  31. Check the back seat
  32. Enjoy the little things
  33. Swiss army Knife
And my own personal rule: Don't forget to upgrade to Gatling Peas.


  1. I agree. Swiss Army knives are essential for survival according to Max Brooks. I own a gerber knives for starters.

  2. If indeed zombies are coming, my first defense are my kershaw knives. Later on, I will need to refer to Max Brooks for the survival guide.


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