Tuesday, May 17, 2011

CinePlex Time! A Review on Plex

I love watching movies.  I'm sure a lot of you do too.  For the longest time, I used to use VLC to play all my movies and videos on my computer.  It works really well, and can do Dolby and DTS pass-thru to my surround processor.

Let's face it, the interface is less than stellar... very Windows95 looking.  Now that's not really a big deal since while watching, your video usually occupies the whole screen.  But what if you want something that looks polished... like a real entertainment center?

Enter Plex.  An elegant Home Theater program that works for OSX, Windows, iOS, Android, and certain LG Netcast™enabled electronics.

It's quite an amazing app.  First, it's skinned beautifully.  You may change the photos if you wish, but the stock ones work just fine OOTB.

Next, it scans all your media and downloads the relevant information and media artwork.  It even sorts your TV shows into seasons and gives ratings and synopsis of each episode.  And last, for Mac users, it works with the Apple Remote (I finally have a use for it!)

For HTPC setups, Plex is a very good app to have.  When paired with the paid mobile versions, the computer app functions as a home media server and can stream the media to your desired device.  On iOS (and coming soon on Android) it turns your mobile device into a media remote as well, allowing you to control playback on your Plex computer at home.

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