Thursday, May 5, 2011

There's A New Small Kid In Town!

A long awaited successor to the Xperia X10 Mini and Mini Pro... Sony Ericsson has FINALLY announced the new Xperia Mini and Mini Pro (dropping the X10 model name).

Over the current Mini and Mini Pro, the new models have improved the ff:
  • 1 GHz CPU!!!!
  • Screen now 320 x 480 (vs 240 x 320)
  • 720p HD video recording
  • Major RAM upgrade now at 512MB
  • Built in storage now at 400MB
  • Aperture seems to be fixed at f2.6
  • And like the Arc, it features the Exmor low-light sensor and Bravia display engine
And as an added surprise... the new Mini Pro has a front facing camera!  Although, no info of whether it will support 3G video calls... or if it's just for IP based video conferencing.

The new features may actually put the Mini Pro above the Arc in terms of sheer performance.  Having  similar CPU & RAM, but running on a much smaller screen would leave a lot of processing power left over for apps.

I like that it's only slightly larger than my current Mini Pro, but it has 2x the screen real-estate.  And I'm liking how they updated the corner menu!  It was already a great idea before, they made it much better now!  I was a big fan of ELSE Mobile, but seeing as how they're not really moving... I'm glad SE decided to adopt a similar fan-style menu.  The corner menu system is probably the most creative menu system on a smartphone today.

Can't wait!


  1. niiiice.. i think i have just found my phone replacement. can't wait for this! :D

  2. Hey Mikko, me too! I love my Mini Pro now, but 2.1 is getting a bit dated and maxing out the system is pretty easy with all the new apps that are out.

    I hope this is gonna be available on the market soon!

  3. It's very very nice looking... Just like the Xperia Mini Pro! :D

    But right now I'm pretty happy with the current Mini Pro since devs over at the XDA just recently added dual touch into their roms.

    Prolly when the phone's out, and feed backs have been made(and when the price becomes a tad cheaper), I'd buy then the new Mini Pro. :D Front facing camera yay!

  4. btw, do we have an idea on what android version is this baby is packing? :D

  5. Latest and greatest baby! Gingerbread 2.3! (Note: Google has locked down Honeycomb for tablets only)

  6. Oh, and it features a new Facebook Inside integration... phonebook, calendar and album gallery are combined with your Facebook info. More so than the current integration with Timescape now.

    This means your contact info is automatically updated when your contact changes their info, as well as appointment and birthday events.

  7. i just wish they improve the Facebook integration via email address instead of the Name of the contact. it sucks that in the current mini pro, if the contact changes its name it facebook, it no longer integrated to the one in the phonebook (or google account). i dont want to change names in my fonebook everytime someone in my facebook changes their freaking names (some people do that. hehe.)

  8. That was a Facebook issue, not an SE issue. You can also link contacts that change their name manually... email add isn't that reliable either since I know a few people that use fake email adds after they sign up.

  9. ahh.. so there's no definite way to solve that problem. hehe. oh well. :D

  10. do you guys think this would have a QVGA (or something like that) limitation just like it's predecessor?

    there are a lot of apps in the android market right now, that doesn't show up due to the screen size limitation, but actually works with our x10mp.

  11. Well, physical limitations will always be there. A small screen, is a small screen.

    Android market will limit items viewed for user experience purposes. It's like saying a small car seats 4 people... even if you can cram 8 or 9 in it.

    It may work with the new Mini Pro specially with the new CPU but will it really be fun to play on with the small screen? I'm sure we can install the app if we wanted to and run it, but don't expect it to show up on the market place if the dev restricted screen size.


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