Sunday, March 20, 2011

Encrypted Google

Online privacy is a serious concern.  So much of our lives and information is already floating around the cloud, most of which we have no control, or knowledge of.  One of the more recent developments in the personal security is the vulnerability of our information when we're on a WiFi network.

Google is now testing a new secure search engine.  This means that all your searches are secure from prying eyes.  It's called Encrypted Google and it's using SSL.

SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a security measure that protects all the data that's transmitted between you and the website you're visiting.  When we surf the internet, it is possible for others to view the webpages we've visited, and even get our passwords since the information that's transmitted between your laptop and a website are not hidden or scrambled.

Any site that deals with sensitive information should be running SSL, you'll know this because of the HTTPS (instead of the usual HTTP) tag on the top part of your browser.  Somewhere on the browser, there is usually a little padlock icon to inform you that you are now browsing over a secure connection.  Look for the HTTPS indicator on your browser.  This is extremely critical, specially when giving out your credit card, or other types of sensitive information.

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