Monday, March 14, 2011

Duck And Cover: The Japan Nuclear Crisis

There has been a lot of bogus SMS and Twitter news going around here in the Philippines regarding the dangers of a possible meltdown of the nuclear plants in Japan.  Thankfully someone in Japan decided to give the facts about the ongoing crisis.

The original post was by Dr Josef Oehmen at morgsatlarge.  The post has been edited and moved over to MIT's Nuclear Science and Engineering site for the latest updates and verification on the ongoing efforts to prevent a meltdown.  Thank you Dr Josef Oehmen, and to everyone at the MIT NSE dept.

Here's a link to the edited post:

I think one of the most ridiculous messages being passed around is the "Betadine" precaution.  That's about as effective as putting a hanky on your head while running a storm... or in this case: Duck and Cover.

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  1. Hello John, thank you for your comment and linking my blog entry. Btw, the Duck and Cover video is a nice touch.


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