Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A segue from the Segway...

I don't really know how helpful the Segway has actually been to modern civilization... perhaps a step closer to the future as told by Pixar in Wall-E?  Maybe we really don't need our legs anymore?  But I guess the boys at Honda thought the Segway wasn't stylish enough.

Who needs a Porsche???

Imagine you and your date taking a roll down the beach in a pair of these...


  1. I know this is kind of off topic, but have you updated your X10 Mini Pro yet? Because I've been looking in XDA and they say that the update disables you from rooting your phone.

  2. Hehe no I haven't cuz I need Barnacle. Will wait for a root solution first

  3. I'm very tempted to update. But I've gotten so used to root that I couldn't bear to lose it. Hehe XD I do want the new keyboard look though. Happy New Year!

  4. is there an update already for the x10 mini pro? because whenever i'm plugging my x10 to my pc, PC Companion always tells me that "i have the latest update". haven't used SEUS, since i need my root access as well :P

  5. I know. Root access really helps a lot. Although I would be willing to give up root if SE released FroYo with the official Android tethering!

  6. Skip the Froyo! I'd be willing to wait a "little" more longer if they'd update them phones to Gingerbread :D


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