Monday, December 27, 2010

My Kind of LEGO!!!!

I love Lego!  I loved it as a kid, and I still love it now.  The blocks themselves haven't changed, all Lego blocks from way back still interlock with the current kits.  There are Lego sets for all ages.

Duplo is for toddlers, they have larger blocks and fewer pieces.

Regular Lego for kids, these would also include the franchised Lego such as Harry Potter or Star Wars blocks

Technic for teens and young adults, consisting of more complex kits and moving gears and more interactive pieces.

and the latest Lego line is Mindstorms... a robotics line complete with programmable CPU, various sensors, and mechanical parts for... well... people that know what to do with it:


  1. Lego brings back memories... They're among the favorite toys I had back when I was young(-er). :D I saw a store entirely comprised of Lego products just yesterday. I think its name was Build City?

  2. Build City? In Greenbelt 5? I think they carry other 'interlocking block' brands as well aside from Lego.

    Lego is still my fav, mainly due to the fact that it is still a 100% family business. No stockholders. No board of directors to lower quality and worry more about bottom line and screw the family out of the business (like what happened to Disney) That's why it still ROCKS!!!! :)


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