Monday, December 6, 2010

Android App of the Day: Textdro

Have you ever wished you could type out SMS on your computer and press enter and have it sent via your phone?

There are a few apps that allow you to use a full-sized keyboard on your phone which I find a bit clumsy.  A more elegant way of handling SMS while at your computer is to use an app called Textdro.

The free version only allows manual connection via WiFi so you have to enter the IP address of your phone (the app shows the IP).  The paid version allows Bluetooth, and auto-wifi search.

How it works is you install the app on both your Android phone and computer (Windows, Linux and OSX).  Once installed, any new SMS coming in will pop up on your computer screen much like an IM client like Yahoo or MSN.  Simply reply and click send.  All incoming and outgoing SMS sent via Textdro is still kept on your phone.  It's as if you sent it from your handset so no worries about not having a copy of the SMS on your phone.


  1. nice one John! now, all i need is a wireless router :p

    does it have support for USB connection? haven't downloaded the app yet myself, since I don't have a wireless network at home:)

  2. Yes, the paid version (US$2.99 or Php140) supports USB, Bluetooth, and auto wi-fi connectivity.


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