Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Finally! FaceTime for Android!!!!

Today's Tech Gospel: Apple announced an entire new line-up of iPods today.  Among them was the highly anticipated upgrade of the iPod Touch.  As Jobs put it "It's the iPhone without a contract"... which is what everyone wants.  HAHAHAHA!  Was this Apple's way of circumventing their deal with AT&T? Hmmm...

Has Apple unintentionally given something to Android users that iPhone 4 users don't have yet (and possibly never will)? ... FaceTime... anywhere.  All Androids running FroYo, or Barnacle Wifi should have FaceTime capabilities while on the move with the new iPod Touch.

Will keep posting details on this possibility as soon as real-world testing can be done...

**Click here for the follow up post on using FaceTime on the iPod Touch while tethered**

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