Thursday, July 29, 2010

CHARGE!!!! an X10 Mini Pro battery review...

Ok, after a week of using my X10 Mini Pro, I've been trying to use it in different ways... and so far these are my observations...

Full use... everything on (Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, Sync, and backlight on full) ... chatting, downloading apps, and the screen never turning off... drum-roll... 4 hours. Granted, that's how long my iPod Touch lasts when I surf that much too... so no big surprise there.

Medium use... backlight set to medium, wifi set to auto-off when screen locks, GPS on only when app turns it on. I was able to get a respectable 16 hours... broken down to about 2 hour of surfing via wifi, an 1 hour of calls, and about 75 SMS.

Light use... backlight on medium during the day and on low at night. 30 min of surfing, 30 min of calls, and about 20 SMS... this can make your phone last over 24 hours.

Although I can see the phone lasting more than 2 days with really light use, it defeats the whole purpose of getting a PDA phone. The screen really does chew up the battery. Calling and leaving wifi, bluetooth, and 3G on don't kill it... playing with the phone does. Screen constantly eats up about 85% of the battery charge.

The phone is also way more efficient at handling a 3G/HSDPA connection rather than a Wifi one. Leaving this on is a much more practical way of surfing than via Wifi.

Best way, I've found, to conserve battery without sacrificing the functions of the phone are:
  • 3G on
  • wifi off
  • backlight on medium
  • screen timeout to 30 sec
  • Bluetooth on only if you have a headset
  • disable the 'media' function of the headset unless needed
  • get an app that consolidates your communication functions, my fav is Executive Assistant. It minimizes the number of times you check on your phone for messages, email and SNS updates.

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