Monday, April 30, 2012

Apple Tip of the Day: FaceTime and Wifi

Here's a small FaceTime fix for those of you that may be having connectivity issues over your home WiFi connections.

If you recently upgraded to a Wireless N capable router (the older ones were B and G) you may have suddenly noticed erratic behavior when making or receiving FaceTime calls.

It's a bit technical, but it has something to do with the "Channel Width" feature found in the newer routers. If you're not comfortable going into your wireless router's menu, then ask someone to help you out.

Now your particular model may not have an identical menu as mine, but try and look under the Wireless settings for something that will show a "Channel" function with 20MHZ/40MHZ as the options. Either disable this, or set it to 20MHZ only.

Another thing, if you no longer have any legacy Wireless B devices (older laptops, etc) then disable the B function on the router all together. This limits the number of conflicts your wireless network will have scanning and searching for older devices.

Original Source: Apple Support Forum

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