Monday, January 9, 2012

It's that time of year... CES time! *Updated*

CES ... gadget freak heaven... some of the things to look forward to:

*Thunderbolt hub updates below - October 2012*
Both Lacie and Belkin have shown 2 new Thunderbolt hubs (ABOUT BLOODY TIME!) that take advantage of Apple's new port.  Lacie's hub allows for eSata drive connections... while Belkin's is a more conservative "port replicator" type hub with USB 2.0 (why does Apple hate USB 3.0????) Firewire, Ethernet and 3.5mm audio.  But their scheduled availability dates are quite disappointing. At the slow pace Thunderbolt (pun intended) is moving, it may just be overtaken by the next unknown standard. GUYS HURRY THE #@!$ UP!!!!

Belkin's new Thunderbolt hub functions as a port replicator. Still no USB 3.0

LaCie's Thunderbolt hub allows eSATA connections! Perfect for Audio/Video professionals!
Oct 12, 2012 updates on Thunderbolt hub availability... LaCie's is out but difficult to come by. The Belkin Thunderbolt hub? Promises sometime in 2013... cough cough... at least it has USB 3 now along with eSATA

Belkin's Updated, but yet to be available Thunderbolt Hub

Sony Sony has also announced 2 new Android phones.  Albeit suffering from an identity crisis, the mock-up photos still have the SonyEricsson logo at the back, and the Sony logo in front... the new models both sport HD 1280x720 resolution screens... perfect for watching recorded HD movies!

The Sony Ion is an AT&T only model at the moment sporting a 4.6" display, while the Xperia S is a 4.3" model, but has a nice silver accent *transparent antenna* in the design which I really like. Both have 1.5 gHz dual-core CPUs, 12 mega-pixel cameras, 1280 x 720 screens. Both still run Android Gingerbread. ICS is scheduled more or less at the same time as the 2011 models will get it.
Sony Ion - 4.6" Reality Display. **Nice rear logo... hahaha** 
Sony Xperia S - 4.3" HD Reality Display.

Huawei also announced a new phone, the thinnest Android so far. Measuring 6.68mm thin.  Called the "Ascend P1 S" (such a catchy name). Specs are decent although not too excited about the 960 x 540 resolution screen, it is still quite decent.

The Huawei Ascend P1 S

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