Friday, October 21, 2011

Where Do You Want To Go Today?

Google Maps will help you find the way!

This isn't new to those in the US, but here in the Philippines, GPS Navigation has been restricted to just map and coordinate data.  Google has just recently deployed their Map Directions feature (not yet Google Navigation, but that's coming real soon now that Directions is active) Simply head on over to Google Maps and search for your destination.

Select the appropriate location on map, and click [Direction]

By default, Google Maps will show directions from your current location but you can drag this icon to any starting point and the route recalculates.

The turning points may be dragged to suit your preferred route as well. You may also select an alternate route from a list.

Driving directions will be displayed on the left pane, while the map will show the routes and turning points.

This also works on Android phones!
(BTW, for those geeky enough to know, yes, my title was a Microsoft slogan)

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