Friday, August 20, 2010

What am I syncing about? I'm syncing about your Facebook...

App of the day: SyncMyPix

I'm not good with names.  When the first batch of camera phones were out (Ericsson T68 w/ Communicam) I was so happy cuz I could now take a photo of someone I was just introduced to and match it with their number.

I pretty much continued this practice over the last 8 years and almost everyone on my contact list has a photo (funny or otherwise) attached to it.

Since getting my Android phone, I've found a much better way to keep everything neat and tidy.

SyncMyPix (aka Facebook Sync in it's earlier days) is an app that pulls the photos from your Facebook account and matches them to your phonebook contacts automatically.

Although it's not perfect (unless your contact list spelling is identical to your Facebook friends) it is quite easy to link a Facebook account to a contact account.

Updates can be done automatically... ie; when a contact updates their photo on FB, your phone updates the phonebook photo as well.  Or manually.

Although in its current form, it only syncs photos... I'm quite happy with the results... I've found that people don't really keep their contact info on FB up to date and I wouldn't want FB changing my phonebook automatically.  In theory it's fine but in practice...I still prefer having control over my contact list info.

So to all my facebook friends... a request... keep your profile pics cropped in a square if you wanna look good on my phone when you call! Hehehehe!

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