Tuesday, August 10, 2010

*just a thank you*

When I first started this blog 6 months ago, I was happy to see that I was getting 10 return visitors (most likely my friends who just do courtesy clicks on my facebook links..you guys know who you are...hahaha! Thanks for the support!)

My personal blog, Cooking For Juan, which is where I blog about what I had for lunch, got an average of 50 return visitors a month... which led me to believe that blogging about how to clean your apartment, was more interesting that tech tips and trivia.

I wanted this blog to be more of an intro-to-technology, for those that may just be buying their first computer... or wondering what all the fuss is about having a "Smartphone".

But since I started writing my review about Android, and the X10 Mini Pro, I've been getting a lot of emailed inquiries (would be better though as comments on my blog though! hehehe) about the phone, and Android in general.

THANK YOU. To the 500 new readers, and 100 returning visitors! I hope to be able to keep you all interested in the months to come!

Please don't hesitate to write comments or suggestions on this site as well!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you all! Thanks again for visiting!!!!

*BTW, I posted a poll on the upper right corner of the blog, so you guys can let me know what you'd like to read more about in the future!*

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