Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hello? Can You Hear Me Now? A Jabra Stone Review

I've gone through about 4 Bluetooth headsets in my life. I find them very practical, and quite useful. I think everyone should have a handsfree headset in some form... but Bluetooth headsets really make things so convenient.

The first one I had was the original Ericsson HBH-10

Then came the SonyEricsson HBH-30

Then the SonyEricsson HBH-608...

Now, for the first time, I'm trying a new brand. Jabra has been in the BT headset business for quite some time now. They seem to have a decent track record, and they have really affordable headsets as well.

I decided to go for their extremely sleek Jabra Stone. This is one elegant headset. More so than the Jawbone headsets... which are beautiful in their own right, but I felt they still extended too far out towards the mouth.

Initial impressions of the Jabra Stone are very good. Voice recognition on my phone works pretty well in a noisy environment, without me having to speak loud. And I like the portable charger it comes with.

I haven't done any tests on battery life yet, will report on that soon... as well as the over-all noise cancellation system.

But for now, I've found a really decent, well-designed Bluetooth headset.

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