Thursday, March 4, 2010

flu season...

Is your computer protected? Beware of those pop-up ads that claim your computer is infected. Those are usually false ads that install malicious programs onto your computer.

Be careful when opening email attachments... even from known contacts. Unless you're expecting one, always confirm with the sender if they really sent out an email to you.

That being said, these are 2 of my favorite anti-virus programs. One for PC, and the other for Mac. Now that Apple has gained more market share, their claim of being virus free no longer stands... this holds true specially for the new breed of Intel based Mac. Although not as susceptible to viruses as PC, there are a growing number of Mac specific viruses out there already as well.

AVG is my all-time favorite anti-virus. It's small, fast, and best of all, free for home/personal use. I rarely get false positives with this one (unlike some other popular AV programs that think EVERYTHING is a virus) and it doesn't consume much resources from your computer. If you don't have an anti-virus program installed on your PC, I highly recommend AVG Free.

iAntivirus is one of the free programs for Mac. Although my Mac hasn't been infected by anything (at least not anything iAV knows of) it's a small, quick program that should give Mac users a relatively decent virus protection. Again, since Macs have only recently started to gain virus susceptibility, AV programs are still in their infancy and not all Macs can get infected (older ones less likely) ... but, for the little resources this program takes up, it's a good option if you think your Mac may have a virus.

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