Saturday, January 21, 2006

Pre-blog: The pen is mightier than the mouse

For the past few years, I've been very happy with Wacom's Graphire 3 tablet. Over a mouse, it allows me to draw naturally in my software apps like Photoshop, Painter, etc. Being pressure sensitive, it allows finer control over photo retouching, and other fine pen work... plus unlike a mouse, the tablet is flat so it stores easily in my laptop bag (in one of the side pockets) and isn't bulky at all.

I recently got lucky and got an incredible deal on Wacom's professional Intuos2 tablet... this thing is HUGE!!! at 12" x 18" it gives me actual drawing space ... what I draw, is draw actual size on my computer.

Over the portable Graphire 3 that I use with my laptop, the Intuos 2 feels much more like I'm drawing on paper... pressure sensitivity is much more accurate, and response is much better. Not to mention the pen feels nicer in my hand.

Wacom Philippines was having a sale and offered the Intuos 2 at a great price. With the launch of the Intuos 3, they were trying to get rid of existing models to make way for the new I really felt really lucky since I was eying the smaller 6" x 8" Intuos 3 prior to finding out about the sale.

Now my only problem is finding desk space for this huge tablet!!!! Hahahaha

My little Graphire 3 will still be used more often (since I'm on my laptop more often, and trust me... a little 12" Powerbook looks really stupid plugged to a tablet that's almost 3x bigger than the laptop itself) But at least, now, doing things on my desktop and larger monitor feels a lot better than using the smaller 4"x5" tablets.

For anyone into graphics, photoshop, computer art... I have to strongly recommend any of Wacom's products!

**And for those business people who want some sort of pen input on their computers, Wacom has a really small tablet just for business people called the BizTablet. This allows you to "write" notes in your Word docs, and "sign" PDF files.

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