Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sony SmartWatch Update

Sony's SmartWatch just got an update! The latest update cleans up the UI and adds new clocks to choose from!

I think this is long overdue. I use my SmartWatch quite often, and I prefer the look of an analog watch. The old clock stayed on, and drained the watch battery in less than a day. The battery-efficient digital watch would extend the battery life to 3-4 days, but I wasn't fond of the style.

The new clocks offer a good compromise, and my current setting is the Motion clock which turns the watch on when you flip it towards you, and shuts it off just a few seconds after.


  1. The motion clock doesn't seem to be working with my smartwatch. How did you get it to work?

  2. Hey Antispace, thanks for commenting! The motion sensors of the SmartWatch aren't perfect. Sometimes you need a quick flick of your wrist to get it working, other times just slowly raising your hand works.

    All the other "tap to activate" clocks also come out when you shake your wrist quickly.

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