Wednesday, February 29, 2012

iOS Tip Of The Day: Save Your Home...Button.

Almost all iOS owners know the inconvenience of the non-responsive Home Button. It is the weakest link in the iOS hardware platform and yet using it is also the most required action. This leaves you with a perfectly working iOS device...EXCEPT for a Home Button that either doesn't respond or need to be mashed just to respond.

Jailbreaking is an option. It enables gesture (swipe) access to almost all the Home Button functions. But what about people that don't know how, or just don't want to Jailbreak their iOS devices? Well, on iOS 5, Apple has a feature that can help minimize the use of the Home Button.

It's found in the Settings Menu on your device.

Simply scroll down to the General menu

Then go to Accessibility

Then Assistive Touch.

Once enabled, you will now have a translucent button that floats over your desktop. The button placement is dynamic and can be moved around, it will also automatically move out of the way of the virtual keyboard.

Pressing this will bring up a gesture box, and the Home Button is one of them!

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