Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Resistance Is Futile+++

Ok... we've all seen this pattern before... Friendster... MySpace... now it seems to be happening again.  With a "5th time's a charm" attitude, Google has seemed to have gotten things right with Google+.  (Google's past attempts that have failed were: Orkut, Dodgeball, Jaiku, Wave and Buzz) And although it is in it's early stages, it currently has 20 million members.  How does this affect everyone on Facebook?  Well, the easiest thing about Google+ is it's non-intrusive nature in your everyday life.  I may be a minority whose homepage is still Google, but I like the fact that Google+ alerts reside in my search page.

I do NOT like the fact that my accounts still cannot be merged however...but I'm still hoping that Google will fix this and I can delete my other GMail accounts and just consolidate everything under my Google Apps account.

Now, there have been some concerns about Google+ privacy policy, much like any other social network and free online service... but take note... Facebook has had far less regard for security and less respect for privacy since it's TheFacebook.com days.  I trust Google more than I do Facebook.  I have more info on Google's services (Blogger, Picasa, GMail, YouTube, Voice, Talk, Android) than I do on Facebook.

This short video by Epipheo Studios pretty much sums up why Google+ is gaining ground.

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