Monday, June 20, 2011

RAMming It Up! (2011 Macbook Pro 13 RAM Upgrade)

With all computer systems, memory is very important.  RAM (commonly referred to simply as 'memory') is the most important upgrade you should perform on your system prior to any other upgrades.

More RAM will allow your computer to work on more programs, and work faster.  Why does it make a difference?  All your programs, applications and files are stored in your hard drive.  This is a cheaper and slower (yes, even SSDs are slower than RAM... unless you've got RAM Drives, that's another story) storage that allows you to save more stuff at a fraction of the cost.

The 2011 Macbook Pros come with 4GB of RAM.  Quite adequate for everyday computing, surfing and word processing.  But open 10 websites, or run complex programs like Photoshop or Final Cut... and you're gonna get significant performance hits.  You'll feel like your new Macbook Pro is not as fast as it should be.

With 4GB of RAM... it really isn't.  Half the time, your computer is just waiting for the tasks and information to be pulled out of the hard drive before it can begin processing the task you want it to do.

Now, upgrading the MBP 13 RAM is relatively easy:  It takes 2 modules of SODIMM DDR3 1333 memory.  So to max it out, you need 2 4GB modules.

    • Make sure you're grounded (touch a large metal object, wear a grounding strap, or invest in cleanroom footwear like Birkenstock's ESD line)

    • Make sure your MBP is off, flip it over and start unscrewing the bottom screws.  Please note, the screws are of different lengths, it's best to remember which position they were in.

    • Carefully lift the bottom cover off to expose the internal components.

    • Push the 2 retaining tabs of the original RAM outward, it should pop-up.  Just pull the ram out gently.  Try not to rock the module from side to side.  The bottom stick is a bit harder to get to but the process is the same.

    • Take your new RAM and align the notch with the one of the socket.  Insert the stick at a 45° angle and push it in gently.  Then press the stick down until you hear a click and it lies flat against the main board.  Repeat the procedure for the 2nd memory module

    • Replace the bottom cover and carefully screw it back in, making sure to use the right screws.  Do not over-tighten the screws.

    That's it!  Just start up your MBP and the system automatically configures itself for the new RAM.

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