Monday, November 1, 2010

SonyEricsson X10 Android 2.1 update begins...

One of the last to adopt the Eclair 2.1 version of Android's OS... SonyEricsson FINALLY starts rolling out their 2.1 updates in select markets.

Nordic countries, like Sweden, have already gotten it... shockingly, Japan hasn't gotten the update yet.

So far, no news on the Philippine update yet.

Impatiently waiting...

**Update Nov 5, 2010 - Official response from SonyEricsson Philippines**
Hi John! The 2.1 update for the X10 and X10 mini pro will be released on the week of Nov 20. The 2.1 update for the X10 mini will be released in the week of Nov 27. You will receive a notification on your phone once an update is available. Thank you! :)


  1. impatiently waiting here too. haha! can't wait to get that 2.1 update and then root my x10 mini pro.

  2. Hi. I'm from the Philippines and just updated mine last night (albeit for the x10 mini). I plan to run it bone stock first to see what sort of improvements they've implemented. So no ADW Launcher, Handsent SMS, etc for now.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up, I heard the X10 and X10 Mini have been getting the updates first... the Mini Pro seems to be getting it later due to the keyboard.

    So far I may not need ADW from what I've seen. I don't even need the 5 home screens, I keep my ADM down to just 2.

    And thanks for reading my blog! :) Feel free to comment anytime! :)

  4. Hi John,

    I'm a sony ericsson user ever since and I'm planning to purchase a new phone this christmas, I really want to get the x10 mini pro. What do you think? Is it worth the purchase?


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