Thursday, June 10, 2010

3D TV...

A whole new line of 3D TVs has been showing up in stores. Are they really worth it? As with anything at the cutting edge of consumer technology... it depends.

3D TVs look great... I've tried the ones from LG and Samsung, both employ different technologies to achieve the 3D effect. Both require the viewers to wear glasses.

Samsung's uses active (ie:battery operated) glasses... it looks the best, but the glasses are heavy, expensive (approx P5,000 - P7,000 per set), and need batteries.

LG's uses a passive system instead. This makes the glasses much lighter, and cheaper... but the screen itself is more expensive. I also noticed a bit more stutter on the LG set as compared to the Samsung. This may be the limitation of the screen, and not the polarization technology.

At approx P200k for the 46" screens, they're still on the high side for a feature that has very limited media to watch.

They can "fake" the 3D effect from regular programs, but it's not very fun to watch.

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