Thursday, February 18, 2010

space, the final frontier...

Nowadays, we share files with a lot of people. Documents, project files, etc. Some of these files are huge and most people email these files to their friends or colleagues. Ever email a large file, only to find out that your email service doesn't allow large files to be sent? Find out that the recipient's inbox rejects large files? Or that all these large files are taking up a lot of space in your SENT folder? Instead of emailing files... why not use one of the many online file sharing options?

Two of my favorite ones are Wuala and Skydrive.

Wuala (by Lacie) offers 1GB free online storage. You can increase this by sharing space on your local drive for at least 4 hours a day. The more space you share on your local drive, the more online space you get free.

Microsoft's Skydrive offers 25GB online storage but requires a Windows Live ID to use. Not a big deal if you already use MSN Messenger or Hotmail.

Both services allow you to upload files in both private and public folders. This allows you to send links to your friends to download files you want to share with them... without you clogging up your email, and they can download anytime at their convenience.

I used to use large file sending services like Dropload (now dead) and Yousendit but the two services I mentioned above are far more efficient for frequent file sharing of large files. They also serve as online backup systems when you store files in the private folders.

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